how my brand became BITCHING & BULL SHIT

ABOUT THIS ART:this rosemary artwork one of my favorite things was created by inge the original graphic cat

about me,rosemary

hello my name is rosemary walker. i was born in sydney australia sepemtember 17, 1966 to ellen wolf (moms maiden name) she was walker when i was born. i was not a bastard yet may as well have been. nicholas walker who can only be referred to as sperm donor as he has been no father was moms egg ferilizer kind of like shit fertilizes. huh. i have a brother george i thought after our mom died we would become brother & sister again....but nope the 35+ years we have not spoken shall continue. in death mom did not bring us together....just kept us apart as she did while living.  mom was american. born at queen of angles hospital in los angeles. mom has/had two sisters my aunt sandi who recently died 3 years & one month to the day mom did & my aunty diana my last immediate family member left living. if you read me you also know her husband my uncle harvey also recently passed away from fucking face cancer. fuck. uhhhhh YOU DO NOT WANT FUCKING FACE CANCER. IT SUCKS.

it was a super weird VERY FOO FOO PRIVILEGED aussie up bringing. i went to school at ascham with the prime ministers daughter or the equivilant of the president. my dads family owned a casino in sydney i now understand was open through legal & illegal gambling in sydney....& who had 'interests' in others. growing up in what every one would refer to as a 'mob' family i honestly until a few years ago i did not completetly wrap my head around after I looked up my grandpa & found articles that included my dad & my uncle. uhhhhh I already probably require a lawyer as I shall be EXPOSING PEOPLE I BELIEVE ARE STILL LIVING & ARE PART OF MY LIFE WHETHER THROUGH MY MYSELF OR IN TELLING THE STORY OF MY PARENTS..... I may need to speak to ronan or tweet at mia farrow about the legalities of typing of the rich & powerful who have crossed my paths usually more than once throught several or more different people or shall in the writing of MY really quite incredible life STORY to date 🍪 giggle.